Salary Survey Report

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 Myanmar Survey Research conducted its first Salary Survey in Myanmar in 1996. Since then, the annual salary survey has been carried out for the benefit of business communi-ties and NGOs in Myanmar.
This report has been updated for the year 2018. It covers all the industry sectors in My-anmar, engaged by local companies, local-foreign joint-ventures, and 100% foreign com-panies. Salary survey data are presented in the table format. First, overall data are pre-sented by position and by education for the entire private sector as a whole. Second, sala-ry payments of the following specific industries are provided in details.

1. Garment Industry
2. Manufacturing Companies other than Garment Industry
3. Trading Companies
4. Engineering Companies
5. Banks
6. Hotels and Serviced Apartments
7. Construction Companies
8. Information Technology
9. Sales and Marketing Companies
10. Pharmaceutical Companies
11. Private Hospitals
12. Oil and Gas Companies and Hydropower
13. Telecommunication
14. Airline Industry
15. Travel and Tours Companies

Third, salary trends for 2008-2018 are presented. Fourth, information regarding compensations for foreign expatriates in Myanmar is provided. Fifth, salary payments of International NGOs and UN agencies operating in Myanmar are provided in this report. Sixth, salary scales of government employees together with historical data of government salary changes from 2000 to date are included.

For a comparative study, comparisons of salaries among private business sectors, INGOs, UN agencies and government staff are presented.
Furthermore, inflation rate, consumer price trend, and CPI are included. Additionally, more detailed information and data on the cost of living for local/ foreign expatriate family and a local/foreign expatriate individual in Yangon are provided. Moreover, the benefits and allowances provide by companies in addition to salaries are added starting from this issue of report. Finally, the Income Tax due on the income from the salary is reproduced at the end of the report.

A. Research Methodology

 Data were collected from two different sources: employers and employees. MSR contacted 143 companies and organizations, provided survey questionnaires, and requested data on their salary payments. Fifty Two percent of companies and organizations requested participated in this research.

For better analysis, the MSR contacted employees through our personal networks and collected data on their salaries. The total number of employees participated in this survey was 321.

B. Coverage of Companies and Organizations in the Research

 Total number of companies and organizations covered in this research is 239. Number breakdown by sector or by type of organization is mentioned as follows:

Categories of the Companies/Organizations Covered in the Survey

Sector Wholly Local Owned Local and Foreign JV Wholly Foreign Owned Total
8 1 3 12
Manufacturing other than Garment
22 3 2 27
15 1 1 17
6   2 8
Engineering Companies
3   1 4
Hotel and Serviced Apartment
2 2   4
Construction Companies
11 2 7 20
Information Technology
2 2   4
Sales and Marketing
20 1 8 29
Pharmaceutical Companies
6 1   7
Private Hospital
3 1   4
Oil and Gas and Hydropower
  1 3 4
Other Business Companies
66 2 3 71
INGO and UN Agencies
6   3 9
2 2 1 5
Airline Companies
2 1 1 4
Travel and Tour Companies
9 1   10
183 21 35 239

C. Research Period

Salary Survey data for 2018 were collected in January and March 2018.

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