Clientele & Projects - Social

Our clients for Social Research are:

  • UNDP
  • WFP
  • Save The Children
  • Mercy Corps
  • Maries Stopes
  • PSI
  • Help Age
  • PACT
  • UN-Habitat
  • IOM
  • PyoePin (DFID)
Clientele Social

Our projects for Social Research are:

Sr. Project Name Client Year
1 Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) Study on Child Survival and Development in 25 townships in Myanmar UNICEF Yangon 2013
2 Making Financial Access Possible UNCDF & FinMark 2013
3 Gallup World Poll Survey 2013 Gallup Inc, USA 2013
4 Media Survey 2013 BBC Media Action (Myanmar) 2013
5 A sample of n=4610 survey on Malaria Household Survey 2013 Population Services Int’l (Myanmar) 2013
6 Performance Evaluation of the Burma Outreach and Distance Education Project USAID 2012
7 Public Opinion Polls in Myanmar State Department, USA 2012
8 Shae Thot Project Baseline Survey PACT Myanmar 2012
9 An evaluation of the first round of small projects funded under the Livelihoods and Food Security Trust (LIFT) Fund UNOPS LIFT 2011
10 Baseline Survey in LIFT targeted areas (Country wide & Delta-2) of Myanmar (Sample size=4000 Households) UNOPS-LIFT 2011
11 Impact Study on Disaster Resilient Cyclone Shelter UN-Habitat 2011
12 Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Survey on WASH in 24 townships in Myanmar (Sample size= 6100 Households) UNICEF 2011
13 Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Survey on WASH in Wundwin Township (Sample size= 600 Households) UN-Habitat 2011
14 Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Survey on Avian Influenza in rural communites in Myanmar UNDP 2011
15 Baseline Household Survey in Delta (Ngaputaw, Laputta, Bogale, Kyaiklet, and Mawlamyine Kyun) (Sample size =1550) UNDP 2010
16 Nationwide Media Survey ( Sample size 4000 in 70 townships) Multi-clients 2010
17 Post-Nargis Assessment ( Household Survey ) World Vision 2010
18 Impact assessment of UNDP DRR programme UNDP 2010
19 WASH in School Survey UNICEF 2010
20 Shelter Sector Assessment Survey UN-Habitat 2010
21 HIV/AIDS Monitoring Surveys of Most at Risk Groups MDM 2010
22 The Assessment On the Situation of Children in Residential Care Facilities in Myanmar UNICEF 2010
23 Baseline Household Survey in Delta (Ngaputaw, Laputta, Bogale, Kyaiklet, and Mawlamyine Kyun) (Sample size =4000) UNDP 2009
24 Baseline Survey for the Demosoe Assistance to the uprooted (DAU) Project in Demoso, Kayah State CARE 2009
25 Livelihood and Market feasibility Survey in Bogale, Dedaye and Kungyangone Townships CARE 2009
26 Village Assessment in Labutta Mercy Corps 2009
27 Post Nargis Assessment in Labutta ACTED 2009
28 Evaluation of HIV Project in Myanmar Maries Stopes 2009
29 Evaluation of Fishery Livelihood Project in Delta SCF 2009
30 Environmental Impact Assessment of drilling oil wells in Rakhine State, Myanmar CNOOC 2009
31 Market Recovery Assessment Survey in Laputta Township Mercy Corps 2009
32 Village Assessment in Dedaye CESVI 2009
33 Evaluation of Nargis Livelihoods Recovery Programme in Bogale Welthungerhilfe 2009
34 Baseline Study on Exclusive Breastfeeding Improved Infant and Young child Feeding Practices in Oaktwin and Phyu, Bago District UNICEF 2009
35 Additional Women's Protection Assessment in Laputta, Pyinzalu, Bogale, Dedaye Townships UNOPS 2009
36 Assessment of fishing reliant households their capacity and needs in three areas of Nargis-affected area (Bogale, Dedaye, Kunchangone) CARE 2009
37 Powdered Milk Nestle 2008
38 Rapid Assessment of Cyclone Nargis Affected Areas in Myanmar Int’l Donors and Relief Agencies 2008
39 Survey on Damage and Losses in Commerce and Industrial Sectors in Cyclone Nargis Affected Areas in Myanmar UN, World Bank and ASEAN 2008
40 Study on Consistent Condom Use by Clients of Female Sex Workers PSI/Myanmar 2008
41 Improving Humanitarian Information Flows Post-Cyclone Nargis, Myanmar ICCD, England 2008
42 Shelter Assessment Survey in the Delta IOM and Shelter Cluster 2008
43 Post-Nargis Assessment ( Household Survey and Focus Groups): Livelihood, Child Protection, and WASH World Vision 2008
44 Community Feedback Survey on the delivery of UNDP goods and services in 250 villages of the delta UNDP 2008
45 Information Access Survey in the Cyclone Affected areas DFIT 2008
46 Community feedback Survey on UNICEF tube well project UNICEF 2008
47 A KAP survey (HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Project) UNOPS 2008
48 Mosquito Insecticide Utilization in Myanmar for Prevention of Malaria and Dengue Fever Gunkul, Thailand 2007
49 Tracking Research: Household Water Treatment and Personal Hygiene Round 1 (Water Guard Survey) PSI/Myanmar 2007
50 Nationwide Media Survey (6000 sample households in 100 townships) Multi-Clients 2007
51 HIV Assessment Survey in Shan State UNIAP, Yangon 2006
52 Thabyegoneywa Radio Programme Impact Survey ( a nation-wide survey conducted 6000 sample households in 100 townships) Fuse Group, UK, (BBC Trust) 2005
53 Migration and Socio-economic Survey in Shan State WFP, Yangon 2004
54 Migration Survey in the Dry Zone of Central Myanmar WFP, Yangon 2003