Clientele & Projects - Industrial

Our clients for Industrial Research are:

  • Gun Hong Research, Korea
  • Htoo Group of Companies
  • Myan Shwe Pyi Tractors Ltd
  • Shin Min Khant
  • Market Support Co Ltd, Thailand
  • Deloitte Anjin LLC, Korea
  • Asia Investment and Asset Management JSC (Ashico), Vietnam
  • Myint & Associates Trading Co Ltd
  • Japan External Trade Organization (Jetro)
  • IPSOS Limited, Thailand
  • Synovate Research
  • Frost & Sullivan Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Tokai Holdings Corporation
  • Total Oil Asia-Pacific
  • Nikkei Research Inc, Japan
  • Corporate Directions, Inc, Japan
  • Japan Marketing Research (JPMR)
  • PTTEP (Yangon Branch)
Clientele Industrial

Our projects for Industrial Research are:

Sr. Project Name Year
1Attraction of Myanmar travelers to Korea2014
2Automotive Market Industry2014
3Ready Mixed Concrete and Concrete Products Markets2014
4Switchgear Market Study2014
5Vocational Education Market in Myanmar2014
6Cement Market and Industry in Myanmar2014
7Employee Satisfaction Survey2014
8Agriculture machinery2013
9Camera Market Study2013
10Car Leasing Market in Myanmar2013
11Elevator and Escalator Industry in Myanmar2013
12Industrial Boiler Market Study2013
13Industrial Zones in Myanmar2013
14Rules and regulations for motorcycles and three-wheelers2013
15Two-Wheelers and Three-Wheelers Study2013
16ASEAN Community Building2012
17ASEAN Family Income and Expenditure Survey2012
18Beer Market Study in Myanmar2012
19Commercial Vehicles Market Research in Myanmar2012
20Current Market Situation of Chocolate in Myanmar2012
21Evaluation of Burma Outreach and Distance Education Project2012
22Lifestyle Survey in Myanmar2012
23LPG Market Research in Myanmar2012
24Lubricant Market in Myanmar2012
25Passenger Car, Pickup Truck and Motorcycle Market Study2012
26Study on Myanmar’s Logistics Market2012
27Taxi Service Industry in Myanmar2012
28Motorcar & Motorcycle Market and Industry in Myanmar2011
29Chinese Companies in Myanmar2011
30Construction Steel Market Research in Myanmar2011
31Infrastructure Projects in Myanmar2011
32Myanmar-China Border Trade2011
33Survey on Potential Clients to (Expats) Insurance Service in Myanmar2011
34Brick and Clay Tile Market and Industry in Myanmar2011
35Konjac Industry Study2010
36Stoves and Saplings Market Study in Myanmar2010
37Real Estate Market Study in Myanmar2010
38Gandamar Copier Market Survey2009
39Study on Soft Drinks and Drinking Water Markets in Myanmar2009