About Us

We are the first independent research agency in Myanmar – with over 25 years of experience in helping our clients to understand the Myanmar market, people and their different livelihoods.

about us


MSR was officially established as a private company in 1995, but already ‘embryo-ed’ earlier as there was demand for market information from foreign companies.

During all these years we have gained sound experience in two areas that together provide a holistic perspective of the situation in Myanmar – beyond the thriving metropolis of Yangon:

We track market developments, explore consumer needs and investigate industries to give you relevant insights for your market (entry) strategy

We conduct research for UN agencies and international NGOs on many different topics to provide necessary knowledge & learnings.

By the way, MSR staff were the first travelling into the Delta area after Cyclone Nargis hit the country in 2008 to do a Rapid Assessment. We consequently set-up the Myanmar Nargis Information Centre to provide all the information to NGOs so that they could act quickly.